Subversion Launches

On September 13, 2016, after years of revising and editing, I launched Subversion, sequel to Enslavement and book two in the One Bright Future series. I am so pleased to finally get to share this YA dystopian novel with readers. Honestly, I like it better than the first book, but we’ll see what you all think.

Buy it on Amazon. If you want an electronic version, it’s coming soon.

9 thoughts on “Subversion Launches

    • Hi Kayley, unfortunately it is out of print right now. I’m working on book 3 and will relaunch all three books when that is ready including digital formats. I do have have some hard copies kicking around, but will make an announcement once the books are available again.


  1. Stacie Grout says:

    Melinda, I’ve just read your first book enslavement book one (my friend Ashley borrowed it to me), and I LOVE it!!! I soooo want to read the next one(s), but cannot seem to find it anywhere to buy (not available).
    Can you please tell me how I can get a copy? Thank you in advance! Waiting anxiously…


    • Hi Stacie, unfortunately they are out of print right now. I do have some copies, however there was an error in printing so they are not the perfect books I had hoped for. Still readable for sure but a portion of one chapter was duplicated. For this reason I am selling them at my cost ($7) plus shipping. I do plan to relaunch the series once book 3 is finished so they will all be ready at that time as well.


      • Stacie says:

        Hi again! I would love to order one (double chapter doesn’t bug me). Please email me at and I’ll send my mailing info so you would know the cost. Thank you, Stacie Grout


  2. Maureen says:

    I just finished Enslavement (loved it!) and cannot find a copy of Subversion anywhere – not even a public library copy. Any ideas where I can get a copy?


    • Hi Maureen, all the copies left in the world are currently in my house. There was a printing error–a portion of one chapter was duplicated, so I’m selling them at cost ($7) plus shipping. I will be re-releasing the entire series once book 3 is complete so they will be available for order at that time as well. I’m glad you enjoyed! It’s people’s love for the series that has kept me chipping away at book 3.


  3. Doug Braun says:

    My daughter is reading your first book Enslavement and loving it! Just saw these requests on your blog. Do you still have copies of the second book with the printing error? If so we would love to purchase one of them.


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