Reality Mirrors a Dystopian Future

When I wrote SUBVERSION, the world was a different place. There was no deadly, global pandemic. There was no mass vaccination plan.

But in the world of SUBVERSION, a deadly, global pandemic and a mass vaccination plan is a reality. Now it’s our reality too.

In the process of writing SUBVERSION, I did a lot of research about the use of nano-tech in medicine. I wanted the novel to be plausible, but had no clue that just a few years into the future these very ideas would take hold as plausible in our real world.

Those of you who have read SUBVERSION may understand why I’m having some apprehensions about selling the book to young people. Lately, when parents or educators contact me to get copies of SUBVERSION, I always give a disclaimer–please make sure the young people reading this understand it is fiction. I, in no way, want to discourage any young person from taking the Covid-19 vaccine.

I do not want to incite fear. I hope that when people read my books, they incite courage. When the worst happens, when the world changes in frightening ways, when the life you had no longer exists, I hope you all have the courage to stand up, to keep going, to push through and to face a life that you had thought would only exist in dystopian novels.