So what are readers saying about Enslavement?

The Avid Book Collector–Places Melinda Friesen on her  list of favorite authors of 2014. In her words , “You can not go wrong by buying and reading their books.” She goes on to say, “My review of her first book Enslavement will be posted in February, but really you need to read this one!!!” See her full post here: A Year of Trying Something New.

“I loved all the characters, especially the ones you are suppose to hate.  Each one is uniquely different and makes this an outstanding story.  The writing is solid and the plot believable. Enslavement is a must read and is appropriate for just about any age group.  I can not wait to see where the author takes this outstanding story and the second installment simply can’t get here quick enough for me…..I want it now!

“5 stars for this must read story from a talented new author!” -Tamara Bass, The Avid Book Collector


Dan Cooley Blog–This one gets five stars for creativity! Dan wrote, “Enslavement stuck in my head – if I took a break from reading my mind stayed in the book. What I needed was a port-a-potty and an IV so I wouldn’t have to move. A great read.” He went on to give some interesting advice, “Melinda, get out of bed, let some violent video game raise your kids, quit any other job, give your husband the remote and write. Thanks.” See his full post here: Enslavement: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

“Unbelievably surreal! Worth every second spent reading this gem!” -Lita’s Book Blog

“…a very mind blowing book that I highly recommend…” -Quirky Book Reviews

“A very insightful book from a debut author.  I look forward to reading more in this series and whatever else the author writes.” –Word to Dreams

“I enjoyed Enslavement and look forward to the next book. The editing and formatting were topnotch. The book started with a bang and the author did an excellent job building an unfortunately possible-sounding world. It was easy to make an emotional connection to the main character, Rielle, as she is torn from her family and essentially sold as a slave…” -Marlene Moss, On Writing and Riding

Enslavement (One Bright Future, #1)
 More Reader Feedback

“I started reading this book before bed and kept telling myself one more chapter but I just couldn’t stop. Melinda has an amazing way of writing that just pulls you in and doesn’t let you go.” -Nicole

“You feel like you are one of the characters and everything they experience you feel too.” -Pat

“I can’t wait for the second book in the series from this fresh new author.” -Cindy

“I couldn’t put Enslavement down! My only complaint is that I now have such a long wait between this book and the 2nd in the series. Fans of the Hunger Games and Divergent series will enjoy this series too.” -Laura

“Friesen’s descriptive language and imagery drew me into Rielle James’ world – each sight, sound, taste, smell and feeling.” -Christina

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