Sisters, Despite Distance and Differences

My first sister. I'd always wanted a sister and finally I had one.

My first sister. I’d always wanted a sister and was thrilled I finally I had one.

I live thousands of miles from my biological family, and I haven’t spent Christmas in my home state of Oregon for 13 years. So this time of year I spend a lot of time thinking about my family and what they might be doing right now. 

I think a lot about my three sisters, especially this Christmas when I know things are less than ideal for them. We have a unique relationship, and from their point of view, probably very little relationship at all. I’m sure, as the oldest, I know them better than they know me. I held them all as babies, but once they were old enough to remember much, I moved away. When I say oldest, that may understate the age difference. I’m nine years older than my next sister, 21 years older than the next and 23 years older than the youngest. 

Three sisters. The fourth hadn't joined us yet.

Three sisters. The fourth hadn’t joined us yet.

One sister lives in Oregon and two live in Texas. It’s rare that we see each other. To add to the distance

between us, we have three different mothers. But, for me, there will always be a connection. I doubt anyone could understand the past situations that brought us to this point better than us. 

Despite the distance and differences, I care deeply about them. I hope they know that somewhere in the cold Canadian prairies they have a sister who is thinking of them and praying for them and hoping the very best for them.

Merry Christmas to my beautiful sisters!


Death, Questions, and Reflection

IMG_5013Death always causes us to question and reflect. What am I doing for others?

That’s the question I’m left with after my grandmother’s memorial. During the sharing time, her friends and family shared over and over about how much she gave of herself for them. One friend asked everyone to raise their hand if they’d received a hand-made gift from her. Most of the mourners put up their hands.

She left a legacy of care and love that won’t soon be forgotten. It made me question, what kind of legacy am I leaving?

My grandmother was a gifted painter and quilter. Everyone in my house sleeps under IMG_5058quilts she made. But, how can I use the things I can do for the betterment of others?

How can I use my writing to lift others up? I’m really not sure at this point. I’ve been keeping my eyes open and I’m hoping that if I’m searching, an opportunity will find me.