Bizarre Bible Stories: Super Family Read!

bizarre bible storiesOur family is complicated. We have four children—an elementary school student, a middle schooler, a high schooler and one graduate. Here’s the problem: finding a family devotional that speaks to and engages all these age groups.

I just found the solution to my problem.

Bizarre Bible Stories gets two super huge thumbs up from our family!

The best books for kids appeal to two audiences—kids and the parents who buy and often read the books to them. Dan Cooley nails it with his Bizarre Bible Stories.

The book’s fun, conversational style, amazing facts, and wildly bizarre stories have captured the interest of not only my kids, but us parents as well. And, can you believe it? My teenagers are even enjoying it.

Each self-contained story and offers scripture, the story told in everyday language, an explanation and an application, so it makes a perfect devotional book. Cooley has a humorous way of relating the stories so there’s always a few chuckles during our pre-bedtime Bible story time, especially in the “yuck!” parts. (Boys love “yuck!” parts)

One of the things I loved about this book is that it brings to light lesser known stories. If we believe all scripture is inspired and good for teaching, then why do we focus a couple dozen stories? Cooley has chosen some great stories that have even my Sunday School veterans, hanging on to hear what happens next.

Bizarre Bible Stories makes and excellent family devotional. Because it’s important to give children the opportunity to make their own Bible study habit, I would also recommend this book as a gift to older elementary or middle school students to work through on their own.

Well done, Dan Cooley!

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